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8 WK

Lifestyle counseling


Register Now! ​ Reclaim your health with a functional medicine nurse. Clients will be encouraged to evaluate their current nutritional status and form their individual health goals. Each week, we you will receive a module that will include one change process assessment and an important element of nutrition. These recommendations aim to support overall health and well-being. The 8-week program includes 1 personal food planning session, all nutrition and assessment tools, weekly encouragement as we walk through the change process, and target your individual caloric, nutritional, and activity needs. Clients are welcome to use their FSA/HSA benefits.


Independent CardioMetabolic
Food Plan 
New 8-WEEK Group Starting May 20th ! 

Join the plan and receive your shopping lists, menus, and recipes for a done-for-you CardioMetabolic Food Plan.  Enrollment is open now through May 26th.  Payment plan available. New Group starting May 20th. 

This is an 8-week program providing education, food plans, and independent coaching. 

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